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Meet Dr. Boris Sinister and his wife, Dr. Valencia Sinister. This brilliant and nefarious couple has set their sights on world domination. They have mastered time travel and have been going into history to learn the secrets they need in order to rule the world.

Superhero Central Command has recruited your team of super-crime-fighting heroes and detectives to put an end to their plan before it’s too late. You will be directed to time-travel portals discovered in your city. These portals will take you back in time, but you must solve the challenges you’ll encounter in order to make your way back to the present day.

Covert agents have been trailing the Sinister’s and have intercepted several of their conversations. In order to keep their whereabouts secret, and the information secure, these agents have left coded messages inside of each time-travel portal. We’re counting on your team of heroes to find and decipher these messages in order to stop the Sinister’s before it’s too late.


  1. All team members can log in using the same code. You will each be prompted to take a photo and enter a team name (use the same name for all).
  2. Submissions may only be made from one device,. Any points from submissions from a second device will be deleted at the games’ conclusion.


Tech Details For Game Play

Device Prep:

  • You’ll need a modern Android or iOS phone with the “Mobile Adventures” app pre-installed from the App/Play Store. Our app works with most devices (list of recommended devices here), but we strongly encourage IOS systems, if possible.
  • The minimum operating system is iOS 10 and Android version 6.0. Please ensure you have downloaded the very latest version of the app.
  • iPhone:
  • Android:
  • Each member of your team may use their own device. However, only ONE player may be designated as team captain to submit answers.  Please ensure that your devices have a mobile data connection and GPS switched on (high accuracy mode if using Android).
  • NOTE TO ANDROID PHONE USERS: After downloading the app, make sure you go to Settings> Location> Adventures> Permissions and confirm that LOCATION is turned on!
  • Note, all submissions must be done from a single device. Please choose a team leader and use that device to answer all challenges. Other players may follow along on their own devices.
  • Please ensure your phone is fully charged – it’s a good idea to bring a charger or battery pack with you just in case. Please close all other background apps whilst playing to preserve battery life.

List of acceptable Devices

How to Play

  • After downloading the app, tap your entry code (provided in an email two days prior to your event) and the Mobile Adventures app will open. (game will not work until the designated start time)
  • If prompted, accept all notifications, and do not allow your device to go to sleep during the download.
  • You will be prompted to take a team photo and enter your team’s name. Remember, the best costumes and most creative name will win an award!
  • A video will play, providing information on how to use the app.
  • You may find it helpful to have a pen & paper, or another method for taking notes as you play.
  • The team with the highest point total will be declared the winner. In the event of a tie, the team that has the highest point total AND has completed the game in the fastest time will be declared the winner. Our judges’ decisions are final.
  • Internet searches for information may help your team succeed.
  • Your goals are: A) Collect all of the destruction codes, B) Collect all of the tracking codes and C) use these clues to locate and stop the Sinister’s.


Using The App

  • Main Map: This will show you where the locked time-traveling portals are located. Navigate to the area and when within range, the task will automatically unlock.
  • Tasks: Once you unlock a portal, it will appear here in a list. Once unlocked, tasks stay unlocked. You can do them as they unlock or choose to save them for “Later”. You must click “Done” to complete each task. Return to the map to find the next locked task.
  • Messaging: If you need tech support, you can reach out here. Note: tech support will not provide answers to tasks.
  • Scoreboard: Want to see how other teams are doing? You can see scores here.
  • Event Information: This is a printed version of the app instructions.
  • Tutorial: The apps instructional video lives here. Check back anytime.
  • Settings: Turn sounds on & off, find rejoin pin.


Awards are offered for the following:
Highest Point Total
Best Costumed Team Photo (must submit to Facebook and tag @cityscavenger or
Instagram and tag @cityscavengerhunts)


Post your photos to our Facebook and tag @cityscavenger or
Instagram and tag @cityscavengerhunts.

Tech Support/help if you have any trouble logging in on your event day, please reach out via email: Email – Tech support is available from 10 am – 4 pm (local to your time zone) on game day.

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