unique pirate themed fundraiser

Cap’n Graybeard

fundraising scavenger hunt pirates

Find The Captain’s Treasure

Our Captain Graybeard’s treasure map has been ripped to shreds by his nemesis, Scurvy Dog. He needs your help to find the pieces of his map and identify the location of his treasure. Groups will encounter Graybeard’s pirates who will test their loyalty, scurvy dogs pirates who should never be trusted and collect clues to identify the mystery location of the treasure. (*Note: all pirates interactions are virtual.)

Put Together A Crew Of Your Best Mates

Teams of 2-6 players will work together to earn points as they compete against other teams. If they earn the highest point total, they win!  Teams can also win with the best costume or most unique team name.  Medals are awarded to each of the winning teams and mailed the day after the event.

This event is perfect for groups of friends, workmates, or families. Participants all agree, this is a day to remember.

Socially Distanced Outdoor Event

Our events are designed to keep you socially distanced and playing entirely outdoors.

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