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Me Hearties, Captain Graybeard here. I had been sailing to your town to claim me buried treasure. Me nemesis, Scurvy Dog attacked me ship and ripped me map to pieces! They’ve scattered about here in your town. Me hearties, I needs ye help! You needs to find all of the pieces of the map before Scurvy Dog’s pirates can get them.

You’ll likely encounter many of me mates who will help you in your search. You’ll also deal with Scurvy Dog’s pirates and they should never be trusted. I’m awardin ye team points and only the best of ye get a share of the loot. Take risks along the way, cuz if yer wrong thars hints to help. But be aware they will cost ye points.

Be sure ye send pictures and videos of your adventure so I know yer staying loyal to me. I’ll allow ye extra points for chekin in and keepin me entertained.

Keep ye deadlights open, don’t be fooled by Scurvy Dogs and bring ye wits. You’ll need to prove you’re worthy to gain me mate’s help.

You’ll visit 26 different locations during yer hunt. They’ll all be within walking distance and the map within our app will notify you when you get close. Once you complete all of the tasks, you’ll have everything you’ll need to find the location of the treasure.

Now move along, ya Scallywags, adventure awaits!


  1. One member of your team must act as captain. The captain is the ONLY team member that can log in, unlock tasks and submit answers.


Check the list of approved devices.

Device Prep:

  • You’ll need a modern Android or iOS phone with the “Mobile Adventures” app pre-installed from the App/Play Store. Our app works with most devices (list of recommended devices here), but we strongly encourage IOS systems, if possible.
  • The minimum operating system is iOS 10 and Android version 6.0. Please ensure you have downloaded the very latest version of the app.
  • iPhone: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/mobile-adventures/id824257097
  • Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=uk.co.huntthegoose.app&hl=en_US
  • Only ONE player may be designated as team captain to submit answers.  Please ensure that your device has a mobile data connection and GPS switched on (high accuracy mode if using Android).
  • NOTE TO ANDROID PHONE USERS: After downloading the app, make sure you go to Settings> Location> Adventures> Permissions and confirm that LOCATION is turned on!
  • Note, all submissions must be done from a single device. Please choose a team leader and use that device to answer all challenges.
  • Please ensure your phone is fully charged – it’s a good idea to bring a charger or battery pack with you just in case. Please close all other background apps whilst playing to preserve battery life. If necessary, you can transfer the game to another device.


How To Play:

Tap your entry code and the Mobile Adventures App will open and log you in. If prompted, accept all notifications, and do not allow your device to “go to sleep” while the game downloads. You will be prompted to take a team photo and enter your team’s name. The game has a running timer. From the time you log in, you have three hours to complete the game. This timer cannot be paused, or reset. Please do not log in until you are on-site and ready to play.

You may find it helpful to have a pen & paper, or another method for taking notes as you play.


The team with the highest point total will be declared the winner. In the event of a tie, the team to finish with the highest point total and that finishes the fastest will be declared the winner. The game ends promptly at 4 pm!
Your goals are to A) Collect all of the map pieces, B) Collect all of the Pieces of Eight Coins, C) Enter the Pieces of Eight coin names to find the final treasure location. There are no physical “things” being collected. The game is played entirely through our app.

  • Main Map: This will show you where challenges or pirates (virtual) are located. Navigate to the area and when within range, the task will automatically unlock.
  • Tasks: Once you unlock a task, it will appear here in a list. Once unlocked, tasks stay unlocked. You can do them as they unlock or choose to save them for “Later”. You must click “Done” to complete each task. Return to the map to find the next locked task location.
  • Messaging: If you need tech support, you can reach out here. Note: tech support will not provide answers to tasks.
  • Scoreboard: Want to see how other teams are doing? You can see scores here.
  • Event Information: This is a printed version of the app instructions.
  • Tutorial: The app’s instructional video lives here. Check back anytime. Settings: Turn sounds on & off, find rejoin pin.

Prizes are offered for the following:
Highest Point Total
Best Costumed Team Photo (must submit to Facebook and tag @cityscavenger or
Instagram and tag @cityscavengerhunts)

Prizes are in the form of Amazon Gift Cards ($300 for high points, $60 for best-costumed team photo).
All teams will be notified of the winners shortly after the games’ conclusion. Prizes are sent via email to the winning teams within 48 hours of the games’ conclusion.

Tech Support/help if
you have any trouble logging in on your event day, please reach out via Email – hello@thecityscavenger.com Tech support is available from 10 am – 4 pm (your local time) on game day.

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Denver Pirates Treasure Hunt



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