Superhero Assignment



Meet Dr. Valencia Sinister and her husband, Dr. Boris Sinister. This brilliant and nefarious couple has set their sights on world domination. They have mastered time-travel and have been going into history to learn the secrets they need in order to rule the world.

Superhero Central Command has recruited your team of super-crime-fighting heroes and detectives to put an end to their plan before it's too late. You will be directed to time-travel portals discovered in your city. These portals will take you back in time, but you must solve the challenges you'll encounter in order to make your way back to the present day.

Covert government agents have been trailing the Sinister's and have intercepted several of their conversations. In order to keep their whereabouts secret, and the information secure, these agents have left coded messages inside of each time-travel portal. We're counting on your team of heroes to find and decipher these messages in order to stop the Sinister's before it's too late.

The free world is counting on your team's success!

List of acceptable Devices