How To Fundraise

How To Put On A Fundraiser

If you don’t know, you don’t know. How to put on a fundraiser is a very popular search term. So are school fundraisers and fundraising ideas. How to raise money is popular as well.

What do you get from a Google search for these fundraising terms?  You can expect great headlines like; “47 great fundraising ideas”, “22 guaranteed ways to raise money”, “Easy fundraising programs you can do yourself”, or “The best high school fundraisers!”

Each of these very well written articles will provide a myriad of options for ways to raise money.  What they DON’T provide is the step-by-step instructions on how to make them happen.  You are left to cobble together a group, usually fundraising novices, to lay out the plan and implement a program with no support.

It can be hard enough to find a group of willing volunteers, coordinate meetings (made only more difficult during a pandemic), and come to a consensus on how to move forward. Many times you get great ideas, but no one is willing or able to commit the time needed to do the work.

It is said that coordinating volunteers is much like herding cats or teaching pigs to sing. They are both exercises in futility and they also piss off the cats and pigs!

So, if your searches only bring you the ideas that you then need to facilitate on your own, AND relying on unqualified volunteers to do the work is not what you had in mind, where do you turn?

So glad you asked!

Asking for money is always tough. Asking for money without providing a tangible “thing” in return is like selling insurance. People are many times willing to give, but they are much more likely to give if they get something in return.

Some fundraisers require you to buy an inventory of shirts, cookie dough, gift wrap, etc. You’re on the hook for $XX before you even start bringing in cash.  You are also doubling your efforts, first selling the items and then returning to deliver them.  Again, during a pandemic, while trying to limit face-time that could result in possible exposure or spread of the virus, this is too much work!

There are groups out there promising that they take a very small percentage of the income you generate. Others want you to “invest” capital to set up a program. Many will ask you to provide contact lists of friends and family so that they can do the work of requesting donations on your behalf. Why are they willing to do ALL the work and give up so much of the revenue?  They make far more money selling your data than they do in raising money for you.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could have a fundraiser that truly is easy? It would be amazing to have someone else do all the work in implementing an event that people want to attend, and you don’t have to take a single penny out of your pocket. Imagine a no-risk fundraising program that garners press, entertains, and, as a by-product, engages local businesses.  Best of all, this event is socially distanced and the safest way to get out and have fun.

We’ve designed programs that are fun, interactive, and immersive. They provide a great entertaining option for folks that have become far too familiar with Zoom meetings and binge-watching TV. Giving something to your donors that they can do with their families and friends will provide a needed incentive for them to donate. Now they’re not just giving money but getting a much-needed reward in return.

We handle the details, the implementation, and provide you with every tool necessary to spread the word. Our event producers are available to guide you, answer questions, and provide support as you engage your contact lists and social media followers.

Your contacts remain YOUR contacts. We not only don’t sell, or share any of your information with third parties, we provide YOU with a full list of participants so that you can build your database for future programs.

Whatever you want to call it, “turn-key”, “all-inclusive” or a “fundraiser-in-a-box”, our city-wide scavenger hunts are the easiest and most engaging way to raise funds, bring people safely together and keep your sanity.