We Are Community Fundraising Event Specialists.

Who are we? Just a group of fun-loving, game-playing creative types that love to explore new cities and challenges, all while providing a fun and entertaining experience. We never met a cypher or a puzzle that didn’t capture our attention and we have no shortage of ideas for future adventures.

We have a combined 4 decades of experience creating and running scavenger hunts and corporate events. Our programs are well thought out and professionally executed. We bring all of this together to benefit nonprofits across the country. Our focus is on helping groups gain donations and awareness in support of any number of purposes. We work with charitable groups, schools, Chambers of Commerce, associations, Rotary clubs, fraternities and sororities and more.

The team:



We Offer A Complete Event Package

We take the workload off of YOU by offering a complete event package. You are simply responsible for spreading the word and offering sponsors a creative way to interact with the participants.

Our events are perfect for families, friends, and workmates to spend a few hours together having fun and solving challenges. Finding a treasure or discovering the mystery is only part of the experience. Participants bond as they dress in the appropriate costumes, make unique videos and pose for classic photos. Our events test the mental prowess of those who play and provide Instagramable moments to remember.

Current programs include The Pirate’s Treasure Hunt and Sinister Intent - A Superhero Adventure. Like a giant, outdoor escape adventure,  it’s where problem-solving meets adventure. It’s the most fun & exciting scavenger hunt you’ll ever attend.