City-Wide Fundraising Adventures

Turning Cities Into Giant Escape Style Adventures

The Hunts

Our scavenger hunts are highly themed adventures. We’ll turn your city into a giant escape room style problem-solving event. Using the integrated map feature of our proprietary app, teams will navigate to various outdoor plazas, parks, and unique venues where they’ll complete challenges, solve problems, take memory-making photos, and earn clues to solve the mystery of the game.

fundraising scavenger hunt pirates

The Pirate’s Treasure Hunt

A missing treasure map, a scurvy dog trying to steal it and a Cap’n in need of your help. Help Cap’n Graybeard find his map while keeping Scurvy Dog and his scoundrels at bay.

Sinister Intent – A Superhero Adventure

Two dastardly Villians time-travelling to learn the secret of world domination. Superhero Central Command needs your team of crime-fighting heroes to find and stop them before it’s too late.

For all of our events:
  • Teams of 2-6 play together

These events are perfect for groups of friends, workmates, or families. Participants all agree, this is a day to remember.

  • Socially Distanced Outdoor Event

Our events are designed to keep you socially distanced and playing entirely outdoors

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